I’m headed off for ten weeks. This isn’t sentimental: this is work. I’m headed off to focus on my craft for a time across a series of writers’ residencies, away from freelancer stress and organisational obligations. I’ve started this blog up, though I don’t know how much I’ll update it while I’m away. All I know is that I intend to venture online just once a week to check my email (jonathan@jonobri.com, if you want to get in contact).

I’m avoiding online spaces because this is a time for consolidation. A time for work. The core project: Parables. The reading curriculum: Greer to Xingjian to Dostoyevsky. The weekly regime: intense. The itinerary:

June 25 – July 2                   Varuna Writers House

July 2 – 28                           Hill End Artist In Residence (Haefliger’s Cottage w/ Isha Ram Das)

July 31 – August 27             Dreamfarm Eco-Arts Retreat

I’ll be documenting everything, and writing plenty. Good things will come of this, I promise.

This blog will be updated as much as I feel is good for me. A big part of this whole exercise is getting offline and away from the whirs and dings of technology—so maybe this open correspondence will only be detrimental to the cognitive cleansing process. We’ll see; I’m sure I’ll find some sort of beauty to place here.

For now, here’s a short summary of Parables:

In a world after the internet, where small communities form around unpowered electricity poles, and where anxious adults and children alike seek distraction, two travellers on bicycles pursue a Great Truth in the north.

I'll talk to you soon.


Jonathan O'Brien