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I've uploaded a new page to this site—softcore.

It got its own page on here because it's a good documentation of my practice as a creative producer, and also because it's my favourite thing I've worked on in 2017.

softcore. was a mid-sized side-project I initiated as part of House Conspiracy to break up the rhythm the organisation (and by extension, I) had begun to set into. The goal of the externally-based exhibition was to do something big and new, and to engage the public with House's artists' output in a way that worked around the limitations placed upon us by the local Council.

The show was produced more or less entirely—from marketing to logistics to curation and design—by me, in association with the artists (Rhiannon Dionysius, Jesse Perrin, and Amanda Wolf) and Elliott Bledsoe of This Must Be The Place and Agentry.

Check it out; it's something special. (A fact, by the way, that has far more to do with the artists than it does with me.)


Jonathan O'Brien