we come here often together to learn things

Things are clearing up a bit now. There's less to do and more time to do it in. Very exciting projects, all of them, though they are long and slow-moving machines.

New publication coming out in a month via Voiceworks, album coming out by the end of the year, new post-apocalyptic novel to commence in November, and a whole bunch of shenanigans lined up for 2016.

It's a good life. It's a busy life. It's a soulful life.

Blogging has become less of a priority this year. I guess you get busy and realise that things don't get done when you're talking about them to the void of the internet. Still, that isn't to say I don't enjoy the upkeep of an online presence. I've just got other output going on as well, and nothing set in stone enough to really share progress on.

And that ain't a bad thing at all.

Jonathan O'Brien