centrifugal force nBrisbrain

I guess I had a good ol case of the Brisbrain for a while there. That's all I can put it down to. Brisbrain is a serious neurological sickness that involves: getting stuck in ruts of saying 'yes' to everything, repeating routines and failing your priorities, being needlessly dispassionate. 

So I've kicked down to Melbourne for a while. Didn't really tell anyone. Just sorta fucked off on the cheapest flight I could find and began kicking it down south. Reminds me a bit of last year back when I was researching &. Had more money to spend back then, though. 

Also this time all I've really done has been sleep, see friends, and make my way about the Melbourne Writers Festival. I haven't been so de-stressed in months.

And as a result my head is back in order. The world is back in its oyster, which is mine. The world is my oyster, the world is mine. Mine for the taking? No. For the sharing.


Jonathan O'Brien