I just went on the radio to promote that show I wrote, RABBAR. This is so strange. Each year really is a progression of the last, in all ways. Creatively, this year has blown my expectations away--yes, I've been knocked back from this that and the other, but I've also learned so much about my own practice, and the work of various brilliant editors has helped me come to terms with the key weaknesses in my writing (i.e. the lack of plot and drive). And I'm working on it.

    Emotionally, this year was for sure from the get-go better and healthier than 2014. And now artistically it's in the lead as well. This is a special time indeed. Between getting on the team for Conspiracy, RABBAR, Blue Dilemma, and other upcoming projects, I'm still writing a short story a week, (or at least 2000 words of something) and I'm producing my best works yet (between some really crappy ones). 

   Woah, am I writing this blog just as a method of bragging? Nah. I'm centring myself. Cause that's definitely something I skip out on, what with this ceaseless mantra of Can't Stop Won't Stop Don't Know (How To Stop).

Jonathan O'Brien