We Edit Anyway

It's been fewer than six months since I last edited We Ran Anyway. Not that much time, in terms of linear progression, though the last draft was completed a month prior to Vinyl winning that strange old award that sent me spiralling into a literary world that afforded exponential learning and change that I couldn't have imagined when I penned We Ran Anyway's fourth draft in September.

It's kinda crazy, the amount I've grown--and it shows. I've just cut 7,000 words between drafts. That's more than ten percent of the book, on the fifth draft. And oh man, it needed it. A year ago I was writing so much pretentious drivel that wasn't contributing anything to what is, at its core, quite an intense story.

There was so much distraction in that prose. It was absurd.

Hopefully, most of it is gone now. This has been the fastest edit I've ever done, I think. I began on Thursday and finished today. I did &'s first edit in six days, but this is only four days, and this was the longer novel. Granted, a lot of that comes down to the fact that this was pretty much 98% a case of cutting crap from the manuscript, or slightly rewording some awkwardness. The story is pretty much how I'd like it, which it really should be after this many edits.

Just gotta get the formatting right, and then maybe I'll sleep.

Jonathan O'Brien