Details incoming. (Delivered to my head, by my head, from my head.)

Do not shoot the messenger. That is suicide.

I have had the brainwave that marks the beginning of a four-month brainstorming cycle for what I want this book to be about/feature/involve. It could be pretty curious, since I am thinking of exploring multiple characters simultaneously, who never interact in any way beyond a thematically.

In November, I will travel to Melbourne for two weeks and explore. What this book needs is a sense of place which has been absent from my other novels. I'm not sure what I'm going for yet, but I will find it. It will be good. 

I have a tone, at least: spring noon. I've already done summer dusk and winter sunset, so I suppose this makes sense, at least as some sort of evolution, counting the clock backwards, and the year on the roll of a die...

Jonathan O'Brien