Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven, 2014

This is an idea I'd been playing with in my head for ages--turning words into simple block images. It's a cool experiment--you kinda end up staring at the lines, wondering what words went where and why. You can even pick out the dialogue based on the formatting, which I think is kinda cool, I think, since we don't even need to see specific words to guess at the content on a page.

This is a full chapter from my first novel, Heart Is Hard To Find. I chose the blue because the initial manuscript was written in Microsoft Word, and the style set for the chapter titles and headings was all similar shades of blue. I think it looks kind of quaint, I guess. To be honest, this project is just another creative outlet while writing stays on hold for a while. (Though I did write something last night, and it was okay, if also more than a bit scattered.)

I've decided, finally, that there won't be any more revisions of Heart Is Hard To Find, and I think this little image I've put together is my way of--excuse the pun--bookending the text. It was fun. It was a journey. It was something I put a lot of time and effort into, and it was something that paid off in a big way. It's a big part of what makes me the writer I am today. And I'll never forget the day I was inspired to write that first novel. The day someone said: "If I could do it, why couldn't you." The day I laid in a Uni dorm room, pen and art book out in front of me, laid on my stomach, deciding upon the kind of book I wanted to write. And then I just wrote it, I guess.

And now I've decided it's done. 

I suppose that's that, really.

I'm going to print a couple copies of it, bound all nicely, as a sort of selfish limited publishing. I do not think it is good enough to be read by the masses; the writing is mediocre. As "readable" as it may be, it is not indicative of the writer I am right now, or the writer I could be in a year or so. I have to keep moving forward, and onwards. I cannot keep looking back at old drafts only to think "maybe I could work on that now."

It's time to--and excuse yet another pun--close that chapter, and maybe get around to writing a new one.

Jonathan O'Brien