I think I need to plan my writing more. Lately, everything has been coming out as a jumbled mess. I think it's because the complexity of my ideas has increased too far for me to be able to organise it all on the fly in any congruent manner. Especially since one of the main things I've been conscious of recently has been my sometimes-lacking ability to tie everything in my stories together (i.e. asking myself why each aspect of my story is in there, instead of just vomiting everything up on a page). 

For Monday, I need to have three story ideas written out for class. I have written two stories with interesting ideas behind them, though neither have been particularly congruent. Once I have a third, I'll pitch all three to the class, and then take on board feedback, and then begin writing each. 

So far I have:

  • A story about a man who died and the dynamics of those around him
  • A story about a singer-songwriter who is feeling a bit burnt out

Both could do with some more planning, some more whittling down to the core of them, some more finalisation of their ideas. 

I don't know what's wrong with me of late, but the writing doesn't come out like it used to. It's not simple anymore. I think it's because I'm aiming to write longer, more serviceable pieces now, which I am not used to. I'm learning, though. I am learning and I'm gonna learn how to do good.

I think I'm just anxious/conscious of being absolute junk.

Jonathan O'Brien