The Current Mental State

The writing is good, but the ideas are sparse.

I wrote a piece with the stimulus "lobotomy", and it turned out okay maybe, but nothing mindblowing. Kinda generic, if anything. 

I wrote a piece in the vein of an old black-and-white noir film, but that was no good either--it felt exactly like an old noir film, which was no fun, and felt to me like I was expelling very little creative effort. 

I tried writing a piece to new music (Linkin Park's latest, The Hunting Party [an album which is so, so almost good]) and it came out like plain old whiney shit. This reflected the music, though, so that probably means that the piece was a success. 

Tonight I wanted to write a romance. I think I had a solid idea, maybe, but then I realised I was writing every romance ever before, and that bored me too, so that's another 700 words down the drain. 

I'm not sure what's up. Where's my inspiration gone? Where has that fountain of ideas trailed off to? I'm bothered. I'm upset and tired. Maybe I do simply need to rest, properly, for a weekend. Work things out. Perhaps editing We Ran Anyway will reset my mind--take off a load, so to speak. 

I do hope so, because this creative exhaustion is beginning to hurt. The last piece I wrote that I approved of was Isjaki, and, while I love that piece to death, I also hope it was not the last I ever pen. Because I used to feel like I had so much to say, and now I'm struggling to find anything at all.

Jonathan O'Brien