Post-Submission Anxiety & Regret

Fuck. It's been two days and I guess I'm still upset. I missed a formatting error (I had tabbed in the lines that came after each section break (#). I missed a name change (a family name is Woodcombe in two places, Winterbottom in a third. There are a couple lines I would still change. 

I was reading the story to the girl I wrote it for when I noticed the name-change error. I yelled "FUCK" and completely killed the mood. I ruined everything with carelessness. I should have read the story again, or something. I should have double-, triple-checked. I should have done something

But in the end, I'll always miss something. And in the end, the story is still great, and is still mine, and can still be changed. For me, and for her. To hell with the competition. To hell with the competition, because I read it to her and she cried, as did others, and everyone liked it despite its (my) problems, and what more can I ask for? 

What more can I ask for?

Jonathan O'Brien