Discovering Emojis

The Journey, 2014

Today I had to wait for some friends longer than I expected, so I sat and read A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. I was reading on a public stairwell, which was walled off by a red glass which rendered the world in some new and sinister way. I overlooked a somewhat main street, so it was a reading session that featured a certain ambience. At some point, I was hit by some abstract thought and texted my friend:

She is a very wise being. An artist herself, and one that's sure to make it. I'd put my dwindling bank account on her future--she's brilliant. And she's right. In such an age as this, how can we explore ourselves in a more poignant way than that afforded by the extremes? It is, after all, a post-modern age. We might as well conform as such.

In my time knowing her, I tend to always think: Handerson knows best.

Keep on going.

Jonathan O'Brien