Plans for The New Year

I'm headed out to Woodford Folk Festival right after Christmas for what I imagine will be some sort of a cleansing experience. I'm headed out there with a good bunch of people with good souls, which guarantees a good time.

I'm forcing myself not to take any work, though I'll have something to write on of course in case I am hit by any sudden inspiration or second-hand smoke.

When I return and when I have rested up, I will begin again the following:

  • Full edit of &
  • Begin brainstorming and drafting the narrative of Sunday Trains, a play I intend to do with a friend this year.
  • When not editing/working on a play, back to the weekly short story shenanigan
  • Optional full edits of We Ran Anyway and Heart is Hard to Find, depending on third-party feedback and where I feel my energy's best-spent.

Who knows what the next week and the new year holds. It's a mystery to me, but at least I've got plans, man. Beautiful, ridiculous plans.

Let's launch them like careening jet planes.

Let's crash all our planes into the river.

Jonathan O'Brien