A few little things I cooked up while ill and none of them are that killer pasta recipe I'm always telling you about, dear

I got busy sometime:

I got ill while writing that last book, and so I took half a week off writing because making words happen when I'm sick does messed up things to my head. 

That said, having creative downtime started driving me crazy after around fourteen and a half hours, so I started doing these little things up. I guess I wanted to visualise what book covers could look like for each of my novels thus far, utilising a minimalist an cohesive palette/design. 

I guess they turned out okay. I feel like We Ran Anyway isn't quite 'there' yet, but &'s cover is something I visualised quite soon after I landed on the name of the novel. It stuck since then in my head, and when I show people the covers they all point that one out as their favourite.

Funny, with how my head's been working these days that makes my thoughts jump straight toward 'oh shit, the other two are terrible, aren't they?' This is likely not a healthy process, and is one I ought to work on by resting up.

L8rs m80s

Jonathan O'Brien