Sunset: Update #6

Sometimes I get so caught up in the character-driven nature of things that I forget about how things apparently 'have to happen' in a story or something.

While I don't necessarily think anything actually has to happen in a story for it to be good, when you're struggling to keep writing it's a good go-to strategy. Just make something happen, drive the story with an event, keep the pace going. If it's shit you can make it vanish later.

Words flow when you have an entire event to focus on beyond a snapshot or a conversation (not to say that these latter two things are any less important) .

I'm really writing this post to myself right now as a reminder, and as a strategy, and as a little personal reminder. I'm constantly learning and I think that's pretty fucking cool.

Last night was slow, and today is a 1k-day due to exhaustion. Still haven't burned out.

Jonathan O'Brien