Sunset: Update #5

Slow day. Dunno why. Probably general fatigue. Gonna take it easy for a week after tonight is through. Relax in the air con and write. Go out for work obligations but probably take some social leave. 

I have a lot of social energy at the moment, and in truth I'd love to cash in on it, but I know also that I have limited time. Three days' work a week and writing on top of that leaves me thinly stretched. Might be time to loosen the tension a little and opt out of the optional things for the next three weeks while I finish up the draft.

Then I can embrace summer for what it is when I'm done and go back to working at my own, more reasonable pace.

But this revelation terrifies me--if I don't make it as an author while I'm a student/part-timer, how will I possibly make it while working full-time? I suppose I'd find a way to make it work, but I know also that this is the best and most opportune time for me to make it, and so of course I'm going to keep working, of course I am, even though sleep beckons and eyes sting and so on and so on and so on.


PS Last time, when I said I was taking a half-day, I guess I lied, because the last thousand words flowed like a mountain stream.


PPS I finished curating my Melbourne travel photos and you can view them below or larger on the page.

Jonathan O'Brien