Sunset: Update #4

There's momentum and direction now, and scenes are beginning to lead from place to place with more certainty than before. This is a nice thing to be occurring. I'm about 15k in, and I'm taking a half-day today so as to not burn out and die or anything. There's a heatwave in Brisbane, and all this travel and partying has me in the mouth of a monster.

But I cannot be swallowed.

I know better than to push myself too far. I can keep momentum confidently even if I do one half-day every now and again. Six full days and one half-day a week still adds up to 13k a week, which adds up to a book in five weeks, and I'm already 15k in, so this feels like an okay rhythm.

I wrote a couple weeks ago about how I get sick more than once every time I write a novel. It feels appropriate, then, that as an act of more mature self-control I should play this game within my own limits and not blow myself out of the water. Ultimately, it will take less time to write if I take things a tad slower than if I were to end up sick for several weeks again. Last novel draft was only 60k and took around two months to pen for this exact reason. I'd really like to get this one done in better time, not to mention how I also hate to be sick, particularly in the summer, when time is mine for the taking, and the sky reaches out across so blue and with a storm sometimes, like a special gift to make up for all the sweating I do through my jeans.

Jonathan O'Brien