Rejected Children's Book Concept #432

'Exhibit A, Eh?'

Canadian detective Will Poutine is on the case... to learn his ABCs. And he's invited the children to read along and observe the striking black/white/red artistry as they follow this thrilling tale of crime and corruption to its stunning conclusion.

Each letter from A (absynth) to Z (Zoloft) is accompanied by an artistic representation of a piece of evidence from a brutally violent child sex crime that only Detective Poutine can solve. 

Kids of all ages can play along and piece together the evidence, working alongside our noble detective to put the right man behind bars for good (or, at least, for three years' good behaviour before parole).

A picture book for the modern day, 'Exhibit A, Eh?' is fun for all ages and has important lessons to teach your kids about rape culture.

Jonathan O'Brien