I wrote a poem when I was drunk and it was better than my sober poems not that I'm encouraging alcoholism I just think it's an interesting observation STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS

I like the way empty things look

and I don't know what that means.


I like a picture frame

with nothing in it

or a glass jar

that catches the light

and nothing else

but dust, over time, cleaned out


by immigrants

and the softness of a breeze in the air—

it carries pollen in the spring, 

but in Winter, nothing

my favourite season

is the one where the sun sets

before anything can go wrong

before she can see the world

collapsing in on

each other—and what we believe in

the kindness of


A Star


made into a constellation

by the minds of others

who never believed in anything

including themselves and including

a lost breath at sunset

the gasp of a lover

the grass inside your bra that itches like


A Memory


of a boy you half-expected

and half-


and half-

the third half

that impossible half

well, that's a secret


isn't it?


Jonathan O'Brien