Novel Three: Update #1

So at this point, in a very cool way, it looks like the book I'm about to start writing is going to be some nifty amalgamation of my previous two. It looks like there're gonna be a bunch of elements pulled from each--specifically, the continuative drama from Heart and the grittiness of We Ran Anyway

    It makes a cool amount of sense, given where I'm at in my life compared to where I was one and two years ago, that this novel would manifest itself as a midpoint between the vibes of those two times. It excites me that, while full details of the novel still somewhat elude me, I can finally feel the way it's gonna fit into where I'm at right now on a personal level. I think that's affirming in some way--knowing that what you're writing is something properly true. 

    After all, as Hemmingway often said, there isn't much use in writing anything else.

Jonathan O'Brien