A Year, Then

This looks like what's gonna be the sum total output of short stories for the year. I'm taking a break from scheduled writing for now so that I don't burn out before I begin that whole ~novel~ thing I'm striving slowly towards in November.

I've gotta be ready to get REALLY SICK twice over the writing period, which is what happens every time I write a goddamn novel because apparently I have either a) too many b) too few YOLOs to pull through unscathed. It's only ~2000 words a day for forty days--why ought it be so hard?

Anyway. The list above definitely isn't everything I wrote this year, but it is everything I wrote that I'm happy enough with to keep working on. There are even some reworked pieces from last year that I've included on there because I have a certain fondness for them but also because I enjoy feeling more productive than I am. It makes me all smiley in my stomach-place.

Jonathan O'Brien