Relevant Reportage

Work by  altform , facilitated by  House Conspiracy .

Work by altform, facilitated by House Conspiracy.

I've heard from various people in the know that there's nothing sadder than a blog never updated, and that's probably true. It's probably pretty sad.

But in all fairness, a life where nothing happens—where not enough is done to warrant the blog in the first place—is sad too. Or, so the excuse-makers in my head say.

In any case, there'll be more coming in the future. Should enough pieces fall into place, 2018 will be a year that not only affords me the time to blog, but, more significantly, will give me something to blog about.

Which isn't to say 2017 hasn't been a year to blog about. That's not a fair assessment. In a way, I have been blogging, but in audio form, and not so much about myself as about the artists I've been working with, which is good; I prefer it that way. Less me, more them. At the end of all this—sometime round March—I'll compile my favourite conversations I've had with House Conspiracy artists in 2017, as well as—maybe—a list of some of my favourite works to come out of the project.

But we'll see. I don't if I can choose between children.

For now, I figured I'd upload a few documents that demarcate the progress of House Conspiracy. It's been a strong first year and we're proud of it. I'm proud of it.



And here's to the future.
Whatever it may be.

Jonathan O'Brien